Pouring wine

Introducing alternative aways of consuming wine

We aim to shape the future of the wine industry by presenting unconventional packaging solutions and offering a range of choices that cater to diverse consumer preferences. Wine on tap technology reduces our carbon footprint and minimizes waste, ensuring that wine is not just a tradition but an accessible, eco-conscious experience.


We beleive that wine should be an experience, not just a drink

Our company was founded with a simple goal in mind: to share our passion for wine with the world. Beyond the product, we believe in the moments, memories, and connections that wine is a part of. We are dedicated to reimagining how it is enjoyed, striving to break free from convention and redefine wine consumption.


Leadership at our company isn't defined by titles; it's about the vision and dedication of every member. Get to know the heart and soul of our company who collectively drive our team toward success.

Francisco Ferreira
Francisco de Sousa Ferreira

His career journey fuelled a passion for the wine industry, which, coupled with his experience in the beverage business, inspired him to establish Wine Ventures.

Maria Godinho
Maria Godinho

The guiding hand that ensures the unique character of our wines, combining expertise, innovation, and passion.